Bauer Pottery Los Angeles Showroom



L o c a t i o n

3051 Rosslyn Street

Los Angeles, California 90065

Phone: 818.500.0665 (Friday Only)

You may contact the Factory at 909-425-5700 or 888-213-0800 with questions Monday through Thursday.


H o u r s


10:00 am - 5:00 pm

Our Showroom is also open during select weekends in 2017 (see below):

November 18th

December 2nd & 3rd, 9th & 10th, 16th & 17th


D r i v i n g D i r e c t i o n s

Our building is not visible from the street, so please drive to the end of Rosslyn Street.

Turn left at the dead end, into the last driveway (in front of Tree King).

Parking is available on all sides of the building.

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What's At Our Showroom?

Our Los Angeles showroom is where we send our samples, one-offs, discontinued items, and factory seconds. These pieces are priced at 30% less than the price of first-quality product 


Definition of Seconds:

The term "seconds" applies to items that do not meet the standard of quality for regular retail sale. Reasons for a piece being deemed a second may include multiple glaze pinholes, glaze skips, uneven glazing or the pottery being off-round. Most of the pieces are close to being "firsts", the difference sometimes being something as small as an extra pinhole or two, often in a place that is unnoticeable.


Return/Exchange Policy:

Please note that all transactions at our Holiday Showroom Sales during the month of December, as well as our Online Seconds Sales throughout the year, are final. Our annual Holiday Sale and Online Seconds Sales are essentially a clearance sale of our factory seconds and as such, we cannot offer returns or exchanges on any items purchased. We appreciate your understanding.

All other seconds purchased in-store, (excluding those purchased during our Holiday or Online Sales), can be exchanged for other pottery at the showroom, or for store credit. We do not offer cash refunds of any seconds.