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Bauer Orange
Bauer Yellow
Parrot Green
Federal Blue
Dove Grey
Butter Cream
French Blue
BLA  Mango  Spruce
Midnight Blue
Black  Mango  Spruce
Shiitake Moroccan Blue Pink

Bauer Colors Overview

If you have any questions or curiosity about our Bauer or Russel Wright colors, please feel free to call us at 888.213.0800.

We would be happy to help you select a color palette that is perfect for both you and your home. 

Bauer ColorsBauer Pottery Company of Los Angeles reproduces the Bauer line of vintage American pottery in limited quantities, using many of the original colors and styles. While the original Bauer Pottery Company often used leaded glaze, we have formulated lead-free versions of many of the classic colors, as well as a few new shades to appeal to contemporary tastes.

In the spirit of the original manufacturing process, pigments are blended to create a vibrant array of colors to match any style home.

The swatches below give a sense of the spectrum of glazes that are offered. We also recommend looking at our Large Oval Platter for a true color reference.

The top row of swatches below represents some of the more popular classic colors. The subtle variation in color between firings gives each piece of Bauer 2000 pottery a unique hand-crafted quality much like vintage Bauer pottery. The similarity can be so great that even avid collectors have had to look twice to be sure it was not vintage. To prevent the possibility of confusion, we imprint "Bauer 2000" on the bottom of nearly every piece.

A Note About Bauer Orange & Poppy Red

Plants: image 3 0f 4 thumb   Plants: image 3 0f 4 thumb  

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Both the Bauer Orange and our seasonal Poppy Red glazes exhibit their own personalities. Their color is not a uniform, opaque sheath that covers each piece. Upon close inspection, you will see that the Bauer Orange glaze is made up of flecks of yellow and red, and occasionally black, floating in a sea of orange. The Poppy Red glaze is made up of a sea of red with speckles of black; no two pieces are alike, and each has its own character.

An anomaly that occurs in both glazes is beauty marks, which are, as the name implies, small dark spots in the glaze. In much the same way that Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford or Kate Upton would be a little less special without their beauty marks, we feel that our orange and red pieces with beauty marks are just as lovely as those without.

The Bauer Orange and Poppy Red glazes can also run or appear to sag slightly during the firing process. This most often occurs on vertically-oriented pottery, such as mugs and vases, and very seldom occurs with flat pieces such as plates and platters. The result of the glaze running is a unique, mottled pattern that resembles the slow flow of lava over the ground. This running pattern lends a truly unique aesthetic to your pottery, which we encourage you to admire. These variations in the glaze are not to be considered flaws, though we understand that they are not suitable to everybody's tastes. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 888-213-0800.

Why does Bauer Orange and Poppy Red cost 10% more? Both the Bauer Orange and Poppy Red glaze formulas are more expensive to acquire than those of our other glaze colors; a 10% surcharge is added to items glazed in these two colors.  

Russel Wright American Modern

In addition to our vintage style Bauer Pottery line, we also reproduce Russel Wright American Modern pottery. We currently offer a fantastic collection of Wright's original styles and similar, lead-free glazes. Our Russel Wright pottery is produced in the six classic American Modern colors as well as four Bauer Pottery Company colors, representing a dynamic merger of two powerhouse designers.

Please note, while we use only one White glaze for both our Bauer and Russel Wright lines, Bauer's Chartreuse and Russel Wright's Chartreuse glazes are not identical.

Glacier Blue
Bauer Orange
*Bauer Color
 *Bauer Color
Federal Blue
*Bauer Color
Bauer Yellow
*Bauer Color